Canadian Customers

Transcription Services in Canada

When it comes to reliable transcription services, Canada, and the businesses within its borders, can count on Athreon. We offer our array of top-quality transcription services in Canada and all across North America. All of our transcriptionists are located in the North American continent and are native English speakers. We differ from many transcription companies in Canada and the U.S. that choose to outsource work overseas, which often results in inferior transcription quality.

A Transcription Company in Canada for Organizations of All Types and Sizes

Although Athreon is not the largest transcription company in Canada or the United States, we are capable of meeting the transcription and dictation demands of a wide variety of industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Business

Our relatively small size offers the advantage of being able to provide high levels of personalized service that transcription companies on either side of the border cannot match. As Athreon’s client, you will be assigned a dedicated account representative who will take the time to get to know you as a person and not just an account number.

End-to-End Quality and Convenience Sets Athreon Apart

Athreon offers a high-quality transcription process from the time of initial dictation until the finished document is delivered to your place of business. Choose the dictation method that complements the way you work and meets your technological requirements. Upon receipt of your dictation, our transcriptionists will quickly and accurately produce a document that is subjected to our comprehensive three-tier quality assurance process. What’s more, you can select from multiple delivery options for receiving your finished document.

We’re a Transcription Company That’s Easy to Do Business With

Whether you operate in the U.S. or Canada, you will appreciate how easy it is to work with us. Select the transparent billing method you prefer, either on a per-minute or per-character basis. Take advantage of our user-friendly online account management services to maintain complete control over your documents. Additionally, we don’t require term contracts or lengthy commitments. This means we must work hard to continue to earn your business on a daily basis.

Fast Turnaround Time to Meet Your Business Demands

Speed is an essential element for transcription services in Canada, just as in the United States. Our typical turnaround time for most projects is 24 hours, ensuring your document will be there when you demand it.

The combination of speed, quality and convenience is why Athreon is a leading choice for transcription services throughout North America.