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Quality – Our Commitment

Quality is our mantra at Athreon. We staff qualified transcriptionists from many well-respected schools. Each transcriptionist is subjected to rigorous testing and a background check so that we consistently deliver the best quality available anywhere. However, don’t just take our word for it. Read the testimonials from many of our satisfied clients or try our service for free without any risk or obligation. Our work speaks for itself.

6 Areas of Quality Focus

  1. Spelling: All words are accurately transcribed.
  2. Grammar: All sentence structures accurately convey the dictator’s intended meaning.
  3. Format: The layout adheres to best practices/client preference.
  4. Content: All necessary components are included and are coherent.
  5. Demographics: Name spellings, dates, addresses and other information are accurate.
  6. Full Audio Review: Recorded audio matches the transcribed text.

Superior Quality – Our Hallmark

  • Athreon staffs only native English speakers.
  • All transcriptionists are located in North America.
  • The typical Athreon transcriptionist has 15 years’ experience.
  • 100% of transcripts go through a quality-review process prior to client delivery.
  • Clients are alerted to any discrepancies found in any transcripts.
  • Clients can edit/approve their documents online or offline.
  • In the rare event a typo is found, we’ll correct it for free.

Listen to Everything You've Sent Us

Want to verify something we’ve typed? No problem. We pair each audio file and transcript together online. This gives you the ability to hear your dictation while simultaneously reading the transcript on your screen. This also tends to be quite helpful for verifying sections of a transcript that were marked unclear by our quality analysts.

3-Level Review Process

One major differentiator that sets Athreon apart from the competition is that 100% of transcribed files get quality assured prior to return to the client. Athreon doesn’t produce documents in draft form. Instead, after transcription, our QA Level 1 analysts review each file for spelling, grammar, format, content and demographics. If the analyst determines that the report passes all the necessary quality criteria, the document is sent to the client. However, if the document isn’t suitable for delivery yet, it will be escalated to a QA Level 2 analyst for further review using the original audio file.

North American Workforce

Another way we ensure quality is by transcribing all files in the United States and Canada. Clients that do not want their work leaving the country of origin may make this request and we will honor it in writing. Likewise, no shortcuts are taken by having dictation run through unmonitored speech recognition engines. Clients can rest assured that they are receiving high-quality documents with personalized attention.

Transcriptionist Screening & Selection

We staff teams of carefully selected transcriptionists and editors who create your documents with a passion for quality. Our language specialists are recruited from many well-respected schools. The average Athreon transcriptionist has 15 years’ experience.

Leveraging Technology

Beyond making sure that we have the best qualified staff to transcribe your dictation, we also employ the latest technology. Our transcription platform ensures document quality in 3 distinct ways:

  • Dictation Interface: Our system automatically populates many routine pieces of information like the dictator’s name, header information and dates. This helps to minimize the margin of human error by reducing the need for repetitive data-entry tasks.
  • Templates: Formats are always consistent since our system uses templates.
  • Spelling: Spell check is automatically run at the completion of each document so the chances of a spelling error are significantly diminished.

Dictation Discrepancies

Any documents that contain any inaudible portions or other discrepancies are brought to the attention of the dictator. No guesswork is made when it comes to ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your files. Clients taking advantage of our electronic signature service even have the ability to edit/listen to their files online.


While authors may provide demographic information (name spellings, dates, addresses, etc.) while dictating, we offer several options for getting your demographics to us. For instance, we can develop a network interface between your business and ours or you can even fax/e-mail us additional details.

Address Directory

For authors who dictate letters frequently, our system will retain the addresses for the people you correspond with. This saves considerable time dictating name spellings and contact information. Authors can also provide a spreadsheet of individuals that they regularly correspond with so contact information is available from day one.