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We’re Serious about Saving you Money!

Many clients choose to work with Athreon because they know we won’t nickle and dime them. Plus our unique pricing model helps reduce overall documentation and technology costs. As a new Athreon client, you benefit from the following setup services:

  • No Implementation Fees
  • No Integration Fees
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Interface Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Upfront Fees

Free Transcription with Print Templates*

Most transcription companies charge their clients for every item seen on the page. However, with our Print Templates capability, we won’t charge you for the text we don’t type. Many items on documents are routine and static - they never change or they can be automated. These include:

  • Stationery /Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Cover Letters
  • Signature Blocks
  • Date of Letters
  • Dates of Dictation/Transcription

Since Print Templates are made up of text that never needs to be touched by a human being, our labor costs are reduced and we pass those savings along to you!

More Ways we Help you Save with Qualified Text*

With Athreon Qualified Text, we can work with you to identify and develop standards that help you lower your costs even further. Qualified Text generally requires some manual intervention on the part of the transcriptionist, but can be offered at a reduced rate because of the lower labor costs and automation that can be built into the workflow. Qualified Text generally includes:

  • Dictation Standards
  • Section Headings
  • Letter Openings
  • Letter Closings

As compared to other transcription companies, the portions of documents that are identified as Qualified Text can help you save upwards of 50%!

Transcription Outsourcing – A Cost/Benefit Analysis

If you've read this far, you know how Athreon helps professionals save money. Ultimately, we do this by keeping overhead expenses to a minimum and leveraging the latest technology. To put overall documentation costs into further perspective, consider the scenario below.

The average professional spends 10% of their day preparing documents:

  • In an 8-hour workday, 48 minutes accounts for 10% of a lawyer or doctor’s time.
  • 48 minutes per day equals 4 hours per week (48 minutes x 5 days = 4 hours).
  • If the professional’s time is worth $150 per hour, this accounts for $600 a week in document preparation costs ($150 x 4 hours = $600).
  • If an organization employs 20 professionals who are all preparing their own documents, this adds up to $12,000 per week (20 professionals x $600 = $12,000).
  • Annually, the organization spends approximately $624,000 in document preparation ($12,000 per week x 52 weeks per year = $624,000).

Realistically, professionals who prepare their own documents may not be saving as much as they actually think. The numbers show that dictation is a faster, more convenient and more inexpensive documentation method.

Savings Achieved Through Outsourcing

Businesses can reduce or eliminate a variety of costs associated with in-house document creation. Consider the following expenses:

Savings Achieved Through Outsourcing


*Some restrictions apply. Volume and project duration may influence pricing. Please contact us for further details and an exact quote.