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Why Use Dictation Services?

Our clients reach out to us for many reasons. For some companies, it’s to refine and collect information in an effective digital interface. For other clients, it’s the logical next step in adapting to the increased need for secure data collection in accordance with HIPPA/HITECH and CJIS. All our clients, however, reach out to Athreon for top-rated service and exceptional quality.


Here are the top 6 advantages of using our dictation services:

1. Time-Saving Solution

As the adage goes, time is money. Since the average person speaks 9 times faster than they can type, recording what you want to say and letting a professional transcriptionist type it for you frees up your time - allowing you to focus on the things that matter. At Athreon, our high levels of accuracy save our clients valuable time and resources. In fact, many of our clients chose us to eliminate the number of revisions and errors encountered with previous transcription services and speech-to-text solutions.

2. Premium Quality and Security

There’s a reason why Athreon is consistently recognized as one of the top speech-to-text transcription companies today. Streamlined processes and secure information management are pivotal to our mission of providing consistent, accurate transcriptions for all our clients. Our advantage is simple: your transcriptions will be delivered on-time and as dictated. Leading the industry in advanced technology and mobile compatibility, Athreon is the ideal partner for companies who prefer the best of the best.

3. Streamlined Tasks

Time spent preparing reports in front of a computer screen distracts you from winning another case or seeing another patient. Dictation helps you stay in control of your written words without losing time to actually type those words yourself.

4. Brand Reputation

Your written documents are a representation of you. So why not partner with professional transcriptionists who are trained to provide the best representation of you and your company? When a professional transcriptionist prepares your documents, they always make sure that anything you dictate is typed to be accurate and complete. Typos, spelling and grammar mistakes can be embarrassing, costly, and convey the wrong message. At Athreon, we pride ourselves in conveying the right message.

5. Drive Your Creativity and Innovation

When you don’t have to fumble with a keyboard and mouse, you can organize and record your thoughts with less distraction, more naturally. When you dictate, you can focus on the important subject matter at hand. This is especially convenient when you need to keep your hands free to reference other documents while you speak. Our goal is to eliminate the concern of diligent note taking so you can allocate that time and energy to driving success at your company.

5. Data & Analytics Age

Accuracy applies in dictation, how and what is said, through transcription. In a new age where data is increasingly used in business for informed decision making, reliable data demands a high level of accuracy. Because of our rigorous measures and internal workflow, we ensure high accuracy in all speech to text end products; your transcripts will be a real record of what was recorded. Furthermore, analytical solutions rely on high-integrity and accurate data.


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