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Why Use Dictation Services?

The answer is simple. Dictation is a tried-and-true productivity tool which offers you the following 5 benefits:


1. It saves time

Since the average person speaks 9 times faster than they can type, recording what you want to say and letting a professional transcriptionist type it for you frees you up. Think of all the time you’ll have for doing other activities you enjoy more like leaving the office early, spending time with family and friends or stalking your ex on Facebook.

2. It makes you look good

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the best grammar and spelling skills. However, those who dictate make sure they always look their best. When a professional transcriptionist prepares your documents, they always make sure that anything you dictate is typed to be accurate and complete. Remember, your written word is the sole representation of you in your absence. Don’t you want to make sure you always look your best? Typos, spelling and grammar mistakes can be embarrassing, costly, and convey the wrong message.

3. It saves money

As the adage goes, time is money. Spending hours typing your own letters, notes and reports takes away from time you can spend on essential duties which actually help you make more money. If your job title isn’t administrative assistant, perhaps you should make sure you’re not burdening yourself with secretarial chores. That way you will be able to see more patients or take on more clients which help you to improve your bottom line.

4. It keeps you on task

Most lawyers, doctors and executives didn’t get into their respective positions so that they could play secretary. They studied and worked hard so that they could use their expertise to help others and make a good living. Time spent preparing reports in front of a computer screen distracts you from winning another case or seeing another patient. Dictation helps you stay in control of your written words without losing time to actually type those words yourself.

5. It helps you be creative

When you don’t have to fumble with a keyboard and mouse, you can organize and record your thoughts with less distraction, more naturally. When you dictate, you can focus on the important subject matter at hand. This is especially convenient when you need to keep your hands free to reference other documents while you speak.


At Athreon, we are proud to offer reliable medical dictation services, as well as seminar transcription, focus group transcription, event dictation, police transcription, and insurance transcription services. To learn more about our services, contact us today.