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Reliable Voice Transcription Services

The chore of transcription for many busy professionals is only made worse by sub-par services that fail to provide the necessary speed, convenience and accuracy you demand. Athreon goes beyond the typical dictation-in/transcription-out business model with a comprehensive management solution that delivers the highest levels of quality.

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Athreonís Six Core Focus Areas of End-to-End Voice Transcription Services

At Athreon, we focus on six core areas to ensure continuous levels of quality:

  • Dictation - We simplify your job with an array of voice dictation options, including smartphone, telephone, digital recorder and PC microphone. Athreon invests in the latest voice recognition dictation software for a streamlined, intuitive experience.
  • Transcription - Following voice recognition dictation, we employ a team of highly-trained, native English speaking transcriptionists to ensure the accuracy of your documents. Athreon transcriptionists have 15 years of experience on average.
  • QA Level 1 - A thorough round of quality assurance provided by a qualified QA Level 1 analyst follows initial voice-to-text transcription. Areas of focus include spelling, grammar, format, content and demographics.
  • QA Level 2 - If for any reason your document is not deemed suitable for delivery following the initial QA review, we can hand it over for additional editing by a QA Level 2 analyst. We have many options available to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.
  • Distribution - Athreon offers multiple delivery options, so you can select the method that compliments the way you work. Transcripts can be received via secure email, fax, file transfer protocol, HL7 transfer, printed delivery and more.
  • Storage - Once your transcript is prepared, you can access it via our secure web portal for online editing, printing and download. Files are securely stored online for as long as you keep your account with us.

Choose Athreon for Superior Voice Dictation and Transcription Services

Athreon is the simple, convenient and cost-effective solution for voice-to-text transcription. We offer 24-hour document turnaround in most cases, and we provide the highest levels of quality in the industry. Contact us today to get started.