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The Need

Oftentimes, businesses have limited or no need for outsourced transcription services, but they need improved technology to streamline their operations.

The Expense

Acquiring this technology is customarily quite expensive. A large up-front investment is required that often requires financing. Investing in hardware and software also requires complex installations backed by contingency plans for on-site data redundancy and off-site data backup. In addition, there are Internet connectivity and security considerations to contend with.

Ongoing Issues

After installation, additional expenses are incurred to maintain and troubleshoot the system. Further cost consideration must be taken into account to upgrade the system. If the system isn’t able to be upgraded, the initial investment may be lost once the system needs to be replaced. Likewise, system downtime can throw a wrench into normal operations.

The Solution

Athreon makes its award winning suite of dictation and transcription software available with zero capital investment directly over the Internet. Athreon’s dictation hosting and file management solutions enable your staff to focus on what they do best, while leaving the rest to us.

With 20 years experience in the transcription industry, Athreon knows what it takes to successfully manage your information. Hours of dictation, stringent deadlines, and teams of staff make information management difficult at best. Add to this the burden of ever-changing technology and you simply can’t afford to make the wrong decision when it comes to selecting a vendor. Harness the power of the Internet while optimizing the productivity of your staff. Enjoy all the benefits of the latest dictation and transcription technology without any of the hassle or expense.