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Technology – Electronic Signature (ESIG)

Edit and Sign Files from your PC or Smartphone

Our electronic signature (ESIG) option eliminates the typical delays associated with putting pen to paper. With ESIG, you simply log-in to your account and begin editing/signing reports anytime that's convenient. Afterwards, your signed documents are automatically faxed, printed or e-mailed without any extra effort. It's really that simple.

What’s more, ESIG streamlines document routing between multiple participants involved in the document management process. For instance, there’s no need to print draft versions of files anymore, which makes ESIG a greener solution. However, you always have the ability to fax, print and e-mail on-demand.

For a demonstration of our ESIG solution, please contact us.

ESIG Benefits

  • Real-time/online access to documents
  • No software installation required
  • A searchable repository of all transcribed files
  • A greener solution which reduces expenses for paper and toner
  • A secure and legally binding way to authenticate files
  • Meets HIPAA/HITECH requirements for security/privacy
  • Improves document delivery speed
  • Automates report delivery post-signature

ESIG Features

  • User-friendly Windows/Microsoft Word format
  • Ability to view, edit, print and fax reports
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Support for multiple signature requirements
  • Access is restricted by username and password
  • Privileges can be restricted according to user
  • Users can search for files by name, date of dictation, account number, etc.