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We Know One Size Doesn't Fit All

Athreon clients can retrieve their completed reports in a number of ways. Our custom workflows help you stay as productive as possible. All our electronic delivery methods meet HIPAA/HITECH requirements with a minimum of 128-bit encryption or greater. Explore the possibilities below:


Using your web browser you can securely log-in to your InQuiry portal and fax, edit, print or download transcripts. To remain HIPAA compliant, Athreon does not deliver transcribed reports as e-mail attachments. However, we can send e-mail reminders to alert you whenever completed work is ready for your review.



Remote Printing

If you don’t have the time or resources to print documents, then our remote printing option may be the ideal solution. You can seamlessly receive your documents printed directly at your location over a secure Internet connection. We can print to nearly any printer on your network at the schedule you designate. Our technology even allows you to select a backup printer if your primary printer goes offline.


Athreon’s faxing solution helps clients and their colleagues receive completed documents via fax. Our faxing module will even intelligently redial numbers up to 9 times until transmission is confirmed. Our fax service can also be used in tandem with our other document delivery methods. This means a fax to go to your assistant and you can also receive an e-mail reminder in your in-box. What’s more, if a fax can’t be delivered, a notification is flagged to your attention.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Do you have an FTP site that your organization prefers to use? Athreon can upload completed reports directly to your FTP server.



professional health information managing

Athreon’s open standards technology is able to interface with most EHR/EMR systems to help clients maximize their capital investments. Our experienced team of information technology experts is able to work with your IT staff and vendors to develop custom-fit solutions. This service is offered at no charge.