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Virtual Medical Scribe Services

Can You Relate to Any of These EHR Problems?

  • My EHR is slowing me down! All this pointing and clicking takes too much time!
  • I'm losing productivity! I feel like I spend more time on my computer than with my patients!
  • I'm losing money!!! Documentation requirements make it impossible for me to see more patients.
  • I hate playing secretary! I need to be treating patients, not staring at a screen and typing all day!
  • This voice recognition isn't all it's cracked up to be. It still takes me too much time to use my EHR!

We Understand Your EHR Frustration

While EHRs make life difficult for many doctors, the reality is they're here to stay. Government incentives and major investments on the part of healthcare organizations have dynamically changed the landscape of medicine to meet Meaningful Use requirements. EHRs do offer many benefits, but their design often neglects how doctors truly need to function to stay efficient. It doesn't have to be like this.

We Have an EHR Solution: Mobile Scribes!

Athreon's remote scribe solution puts you back in control of documenting patient visits on your terms. Our network of highly-skilled remote virtual scribes is available to help you get information into your EHR 24/7/365. With a remote scribe at your disposal, day and night, you are freed to return to your pre-EHR levels of productivity. Think of all the extra patients you can see and all the time you'll save. Athreon's remote speech to text service helps you put your focus back where it belongs - on your patients. Plus, our remote scribes enable you to see more patients, and this means more money in your pocket.

Remote Scribe Service Benefits

Our virtual scribe services can provide a number of important benefits:

  • Save Time - Athreon's remote scribes free you from tedious data entry tasks
  • Make More $$$ - Athreon's remote virtual scribes empower you to maximize your patient volume
  • Stay Compliant - Athreon's remote scribes make it easier for you to achieve Meaningful Use
  • Eliminate Training - Athreon trains and supervises your remote scribes for you
  • Improve Quality - Athreon's remote scribes have trained extensively to make you look your best
  • Document Better - Athreon's remote scribes help you capture the patient's complete story
  • Cut Absenteeism - Athreon ensures you always have a remote scribe at the ready
  • Reduce Expenses - Athreon's remote scribes stay on our payroll. We bill you only for what we put in your EHR and nothing more! That means no health insurance or vacation pay to contend with.

How is This Possible?

Simply speak the information into your smartphone or tablet. Athreon's remote scribe option lets you capture the narrative portions of your charts with your voice. Our remote scribes handle the rest and import the results directly into your EHR, precisely where you need the data. Our transcribing services are vendor neutral, which means we can work with any EHR you may have. Whether you use Epic, Cerner, McKesson, AllScripts, eClinicalWorks, GE Healthcare or anything else, we've got you covered. Over 1500 hospitals and private practices already benefit from Athreon's remote speech to text service. Reclaim control of the way you practice medicine, and get your remote scribe today!