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Work Smarter, Better, Faster

Highly efficient companies have made use of transcription outsourcing for many years. Since 1988, Athreon has made its mark as one of the leading medical transcription outsourcing companies in North America. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes save significant amounts of money by enabling them to successfully transition from in-house to outsourced transcription services. In recent years, we’ve evolved further to help doctors get the most from their EMR investments by interfacing our speech to text service directly with all major EMR vendors.

Benefits of Transcription Outsourcing

By choosing to outsource medical transcription to Athreon you get a host of important business benefits including:

  • No need to pay fringe benefits and taxes for on-staff transcriptionists.
  • Elimination of transcription staffing and management costs.
  • No more worries about cost associated with downtime due to illness and vacations.
  • No upfront investment in equipment or technology—we handle it all!
  • Free EMR interfaces for document delivery.
  • Availability of additional office space in your facility to use as you wish.
  • You only pay for the services you actually use.
  • Reduction in administrative tasks allows you to focus on what you do best.


Three Flexible Transcription Outsourcing Solutions

Total Outsource:

Enjoy full access to our Internet-based management solution, allowing you to maintain complete control of your information. In effect, we assume the role of a remote data processing facility.

Partial Outsource:

This option is ideal for companies looking to remove the burden of transcribing from employees who also perform other tasks. Simply let us know when you need us, and we’ll free up your workers to spend more time on other pressing assignments.

Backup Outsource:

Faced with an unexpected increase in dictation or system malfunction? You can count on Athreon to provide reliable emergency speech to text services to help you manage workflow.

You’ll Experience Higher Quality When You Outsource Medical Transcription to Athreon

By choosing any of our options for medical transcription outsourcing, you will also benefit from improved transcription quality honed by our quarter century of experience with providing outsource medical transcription services to facilities just like yours. Unlike some medical transcription outsourcing companies, we use native English-speaking transcriptionists who are located in North America. Additionally, our unique three-level quality assurance check ensures accuracy, which isn't the case with all medical transcription outsourcing companies.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing Is Fast and Easy

Whether you are outsourcing medical transcription services or law enforcement transcription services, you get the benefit of next-day turnaround in most cases. We offer totally transparent billing on a per-line or per-character basis, whichever you prefer. When you outsource medical transcription to Athreon, you can also choose the dictation option that best meets your needs, whether you're in the office or on the move.

We’re Not the Biggest Transcription Outsourcing Company — Just the Best

While there may be larger medical transcription outsourcing companies you can work with, when you choose Athreon, you gain a business partner that always acts in your best interest. Athreon is committed to providing the best outsource medical transcription services you will find anywhere in North America.