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Past to Present

Late 80s

The company began operations in Alexandria, Virginia in 1988 as Second Opinion. Originally, the business was founded as a medical billing company serving the healthcare community of Northern Virginia. Like a lot of small businesses, the company started as a single-person operation with one small account. In short order, the first client referred another client who referred another. It quickly became obvious that one person wouldn’t be able to keep up with the increasing workload.

Early 90s

In the early 1990s, the company continued to do well. We were getting busier all the time and even receiving requests from our clients to help them with their medical transcription. Already familiar with transcription from working in the billing industry, we decided to incorporate transcription as part of our service offering. Demand for our services boomed. The referrals continued. Our offices were relocated to a larger space still within Alexandria. Over time, we started to garner interest from clinics and subsequently hospitals. To perfect what we were doing best, we decided to discontinue our billing operations and focus solely on transcription.

Late 90s

In the later 1990s, with the increasing popularity of the Internet, our business really accelerated. Internet-based technology allowed us to expand our services from Virginia to California. The World Wide Web suddenly made the planet a whole lot smaller and we began to recruit talent from all around the United States and Canada. In 1999, the founder of Second Opinion decided it was time to pursue other interests but she was concerned that customer satisfaction could be compromised in a sale. Fortunately, her concerns were put to rest when she found the new ownership in her existing management.

New Millennium

In 2000, the company was re-branded as MedGarde and, subsequently, additional offices were added in Annandale, Virginia to accommodate further growth. Operations continued to flourish with the rollout of state-of-the-art technology and improved service capabilities. However, in 2003, the Internet enabled us to consolidate our locations to a single location in Chantilly, Virginia. We subsequently closed our offices in Annandale. In 2004, we also sold our offices in Alexandria. The company proudly remained one of the industry’s leading firms that refused to offshore any work outside North America. In 2008, we celebrated 20 years of service to the healthcare community.


In 2010, following service requests from law firms, media companies and other businesses, the company decided to expand its service offering to include transcription service for non-medical industries.  In 2011, we relocated our customer service center to Fairfax, Virginia to better accommodate the needs of our clients and employees. In 2012, we rebranded ourselves as Athreon to emphasize our capabilities in the business, legal and media spaces in addition to healthcare. In 2013, we opened additional offices in Troy, Michigan. In 2014, we moved our corporate headquarters to Chicago, Illinois. We remain 100% American owned and operated. Today, Athreon offers dictation, transcription, worfkflow logistics, EHR interfaces, speech recognition, electronic signature and file management solutions.