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The Role of Cybersecurity in Speech-to-Text Services

The Role of Cybersecurity in Speech-to-Text Services


In today’s innovative, technology-driven world, it has become both a measure of convenience and, in many cases, a necessity to store and transmit secure data electronically. With the transition to digital systems for data storage and communication, a concern arises regarding vulnerability – is our data truly secure?

By definition, cybersecurity involves the measures of protection against unauthorized use of electronic data. At Athreon, we know that cybersecurity means much more to our clients: it means entrusting us with the data and information that are pivotal to your company’s success and reputation in your industry.

 A large component of our work with clients involves the transmission and transcription of information that would otherwise not be publicly accessible. In many cases, laws regarding confidentially – like HIPAA and CJIS compliancy – are in effect and require a secure method of transmitting sensitive information. Cybersecurity in speech-to-text transcription involves a multitude of moving parts that necessitate a company like Athreon, who has researched and integrated stringent methods and protocols to protect your data.

At Athreon, cybersecurity is the driving force behind the secure practices, like data encryption, that we utilize for all our clients. Many clients that we work with, including law enforcement agencies and health care facilities, depend on our ability to perform high-quality speech-to-text services while guaranteeing confidentiality and the secure transmission of their data.

In addition to data encryption, we have taken additional steps to ensure the highest level of security for all of our speech-to text services. This includes: secure physical access to all of our facilities that require several levels of identity verification, authenticated access and privileges, and a comprehensive auditing process that we deploy for every individual who has access to data or voice information.

Today, we are proud to offer high-quality speech to-text services that are not only accurate and reliable, but also incorporate some of the most current and innovative security measures available. To learn more about our security measures and how they can be applied to your speech-to-text transcription needs, please contact us online or give us a call at 800-935-0973.